Sunday, 26 June 2016

The Illusion of Hierarchy and Control

Hierarchy and Control are man made ideas just like the corporate world.

A system that is man-made and does not take into account the force of Nature will have faults. 

By default it will have a bug in the system, something that Nature will not have allowed and would have cast it out in evolution.

Those who control the masses below them, do not realize they are controlled at some level. 

They will deny it for it bursts their bubble which is their sense of invincibility.

The corporate world where more and more jobs are based on as mergers and acquisitions take place is an unnatural bubble that exists so long as people are made to believe by others in the collective that they need it.

But as time goes by, the pitfalls of man will allow Nature to come in and push the reset button. The more advanced this man-made system is, the harder it will fall.

Man-made systems have manifested themselves in a process that is most visible in the blocks of skyscrapers that reach higher and higher. 

Cold, unnatural, dead. The need to be constantly sanitized every weekend by the army of cleaners. The concrete, steel and glass form isolation chambers in the air.

To break away from it all, social media has offered the illusion of socializing, that becomes an addiction.

At the end of their lives, all the 'successful' of the corporate world will have to show for their lives spent doing something for pieces of certified paper that no longer serve them, is that they did not make a career-destroying mistake. 


The lack of a comprehensive space program for the past decade, replaced by war, has accelerated this decadence and inbreeding.