Sunday, 16 October 2016

Thomas Sheridan's View On the Candidates for the US Presidential Elections 2016

"It was very slow at work today, so I just - as a matter of interest - started reading Trump and Clinton press releases and policy documents/interviews rather than campaign speeches, media silliness and I came to understand why Trump is getting the shit he is: he is not a bureaucrat. 

He is also a shrewd and clever bastard behind the 'goofy' image. While Clinton is what she is. A robotic, advisor briefed, soulless and not very bright civil service psychopath.

Putting superficial and culturally fleeting notions of 'morality' aside, I found Trump impressive and dynamic thinking, while Clinton was just a teleprompter reader who would kill anyone her advisers told her to kill.

When asked about Ireland's tax system, while Trump agreed that it took billions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs out of the USA, but rather than punishing Ireland, he said the USA should use the same model as Ireland. 
This is very different than Obama, who, while claiming to be a proud Irish-American, was sending Clinton and later Kerry over to badger the EU to hit Ireland with a huge tax bill (Applegate).

Trump also demonstrates a far deeper and complex understanding of other nations than Clinton can. He wants to do business with Russia and not fight with them. He understands why the UK voted for Brexit and the EU tax bill to Ireland proves that the UK was right to get out. He states that the relationship with the Middle East has to change drastically to be one of trade and less oil related engagements.

This is probably how I - and most non political/civil servant/bureaucrat minds would think - and it is no wonder that the social elite in the USA are going insane. Trump is not a politician, this is his simple appeal. He sees the globe as a marketplace and not a military objective like Hillary Clinton and the other dangerous bureaucratic dinosaurs do.

Clinton's policy statements were the same old imperialist USA model of ' they must be like us or we bomb them into freedom'.

I know who I would vote for if I lived there."