Saturday, 15 October 2016

'Time To Pay Attention'

Those who don't get the big picture are those who think searching for the Truth is about looking for what makes one feels good.

Truth is vitriolic and harsh when needed to be, and our collective unwillingness to face the uncomfortable reality has led to the situation as reflected in the above article. 

It is quite something that our species would allow a small group of people to decide the will of billions of sovereign beings who have been led to believe they are slaves.

The 3D world is still a large part of our world. To ignore it in favor for some other dimension that our physical bodies don't inhabit is a waste of time and part of the mind control of the New Age deception.

Do you think any Higher Intelligence would want to 'contact us' when we are so easily duped into doing great evil while believing we are doing something good (religion of politics/spiritual/money) and refusing to face reality because its 'fear mongering'?

On top of this, we are armed with nuclear weapons.

As pathetic to 'them' as it may be, a nuke is still a nuke. Nuclear weapon technology is a major benchmark that demands that a civilization with such technology behave themselves. 

The next level is Anti-Matter technology, misusing it will lead to the annihilation of entire planets.

With the way we are right now, would a higher Intelligence want to work with us, or bodyslam us into oblivion?