Sunday, 29 January 2017

Clinging to the Past and Sentimental Thinking

The urge to cling to the past, comes from a state of being where it is believed as a result of new experiences the current situation is worse than before. 

Going to old places and seeing old friends, in an attempt to find what's no longer there. 

Even playing old video games to find that old connection when things appeared simpler or more straightforward, believing somehow that in doing so one can find one's feeling of security.

Its all an illusion coming from an attachment to what was temporary to begin with. But people cling to it in order to find that pleasure they once hand.

Since time passed the borders have expanded, new truths were learned, some of them ugly. Perceptions and views have changed. 'Romantic' notions of how the past must be like are now dead and gone.

Even finding a pretty woman with the right kind of hair and body proportion size, she will change in many ways, probably faster than you would believe. Its a reality that women more easily believe in what the state says than men, if men are educated and do a bit of logical thinking unbound by fear and the illusion of 'social belonging'. Almost none of it good. 

Its almost certain right now the only 'good' woman you will find is in a video game or cartoon. The wealthy men know this when they are settling a divorce that had nothing to do with affairs.

Acknowledging this world and everything in it is temporary, at a deeper emotional level than just logical thinking, is the first step.

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