Friday, 20 January 2017

Trump Inauguration

Good riddance to 'skidmark' Obama. Commuting Chelsea Manning's sentence to May 2017 was just a move to save a non-legacy that created the worst terrorist faction in modern history.

Politics... I don't believe in political solutions. Politics is corruption. Its just one level of ruling class that rules over us and takes orders from hidden power brokers.

Trump will be a nice way to shake things up, if he lasts his first term following up on his promises.

Other than that its also indicative of how bad things had gotten that Trump was the United States' last chance to set things right.

Human civilization, if it is worth saving, will have to go beyond the system of politics and the need to manage others with groups and institutions that can be co-opted.

That said, I agree a lot with this special Velocity of Now Trump Inauguration Special:

An American Dreamer, Trump Campaigning theme: