Saturday, 17 June 2017

Putin Takes American's Question On Stopping Russophobia In The United States

The globalists' and western banking cabal's worst nightmare for hundreds of years has been the world's nations especially the powerful ones working together for the common good.

So their dogs in the establishment controlled media outlets inside and outside the United States in countries that are owned by the same cabal at the very least minimize Russia's achievements against terrorism in the Middle East or make it appear as if the Russian position is not representing their definition of 'international opinion'.

United States and Russia are both nuclear armed nations. It is necessary that both nations are working together for the common good for the safety of life on Earth, and for real progress towards Type 1 level of civilization using nuclear fusion and other paradigm changing technologies.

It has always been the goal of the western banking cabal to divide and carve up nations, set them at war with each other, so as to profit off the deaths and resource strip-mining that follows conflict.