Saturday, 3 June 2017

Fact That Destroys the Entire Climate Change Scam

First thanks to the readers for sharing the previous article on the Paris Agreement. And now, here is a paragraph that says it all.

"Niel Tyson: "If I and my advisors had never learned what Science is or how & why it works, then I'd consider pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord too."

Response: Oh, are you a pro vaxxer too? That "science" line is all too familiar.

How about: For science, study why the desert gets cold at night. Study atmospheric composition, and what gasses hold heat the best. #1 is water vapor, #2 is methane. 

Water vapor has about 5000 times the heat retaining potential of Co2 in the atmosphere.

That's why the desert, which has just as much Co2 as anywhere else, gets very cold at night, because the air is dry and the heat goes right out. 

If you can't understand that simple concept, you can read all the science you want, and you'll be too stupid to avoid getting scammed. I BET YOU PAY YOUR MECHANIC BIG BUCKS, MISTER SCIENCE!"

I can verify this with my experience in overseas trips, in the arid areas of Kanchanaburi, Thailand during the dry season (dripping wet pants drying in 15 minutes because it was low on moisture) at night when it was bitterly cold, compared to the tropical jungles of Brunei, where night and day had similar temperatures because of the endless rainstorms and high humidity. 

Both these locations were 39-40 deg C average daytime temperatures.