Sunday, 1 June 2014

The ID card system, Media Manipulation, Slavery.

Singapore has a national identity card system. It has the individual's photo, name and a government issued number with barcode.

There is one other system that uses issued numbers to differentiate individuals. It is called a prison.

There is one other system that uses barcodes associated with the number. They are used to identify commodities and individual goods with a PRICE TAG on them.

Worldwide, religion, race, creed, belief systems, societies, nations etc are categories for people to be filed into categories and sections to be managed and controlled.

The general public looks upon government as something they need to run affairs they considered too far outside of their narrowed scope of things to care about, i.e. paying the bills on time, climbing the social ladder, generally 'acquiring stuff' as Max Igan likes to put it. And that is why the history of civilizations has formed a pattern of rinsing and repeating, rising and falling, with chaos being the only constant with man-made laws at the whims of the controllers being enforced.

Government as an entity however sees the general public differently. On the individual level, they are a tax form number and income details in the tax department's record to be used to determine how much to take away from the individual after the year is out. This is the price tag that the human individual has wilfully accepted whether that person knows it or not.

Not exactly a system that involves the door swinging both ways from the looks of it.

Children are a prime target for the archontic controllers through the public indoctrination education system. The grading system does an efficient job of rewarding those who become another source of energy for the system.

The rest are told there is something wrong with them for not being suited for a system favoring the training of system's slaves and eventually wind up in another reservation built by the controllers specially for them.

For every individual who has not been made aware of the manipulation, exists the advertising on every form of media out there promotes their products by playing on the insecurities and fears of the individual. In the end the same basic outline is to show that said product will be the cure of the targeted population's insecurities and fears.

It is a counterfeit solution, as the insecurities and fears are not solved, they lay beneath the conscious mind, waiting to be dragged up out of the subconscious mind (filled with feelings of abandonment and lack of attention in the home and in the community) by the next advertisement, and the system absorbs back through the money the essence of that person's efforts like a parasite. The advertizing media also perpetuates existing false divides among people.

As long as people keep believing their self worth is based on a manufactured reality, slavery will persist.

Unfortunately the corruption of the mind from the programming of children in school and influential adults with flawed thinking and opinions programming the next generation to remain to be in the mind of the child even as they long passed the age of adulthood physically, perpetuating the enslavement of the human race.