Sunday, 29 June 2014

David Icke being cut out of the TPV by Sean Adl

I personally wasn't there to see what was exactly going on in between David and Sean, so anything beyond what was told by David Icke is speculation.

David Icke didn't seem to have much control, as he said, believing in the ethos that its for the People, but instead this opened the way for business interests to take over and shut him out, because again, the religion of money was involved. The forces behind this religion are predators in nature and predators do not play by any ethics or morality.

I acknowledge this is speculation in itself but I have seen this happen on a personal level in real life. Being charitable in the ruthless commercial business world is being a chump. Mr Icke appear to have lacked in this understanding, typical of trusting decent people. Its a sad state of affairs that decent people get run over by darker interests. This is why we can't have nice things.

Sean Adl was running the show and he wanted his own climb up the greasy pole behind David Icke's back. To do that he had to stick with alternative's "mainstream", the hijacked version of the alternative media by the controllers to a new cul-de-sac and a new reservation. This was coined by Thomas Sheridan as the Purple Pill on the Vinny Eastwood show concerning the comedian Russell Brand.

The controllers told him to control certain bits of information, but give away just enough to take the wind out of the alternative audience to go further looking deeper into the rabbit hole. The quality of the shows in TPV had severely deteriorated by then, save for Richie Allen and David Icke's Dot Connector series.

As long as money is involved in any venture, the people behind that venture are playing in the Archontic Controller's stadium and it will be brought down eventually or co-opted. Time and again I have seen how money is the biggest cause of the problem with co-opting the direction of really finding the Truth and the nature of our reality.

The controllers have done a fantastic job with money as a tool of control. First make it the only medium to get basic needs essential to life, then make sure to get those promissory notes, one has to work at a job. Now its all about in the name of survival regardless if one sells one's soul and ethos in the process. Then once the basic needs are met, the ads are next in coming to create new needs, material needs, such as branded goods and expensive cars and bigger houses. The end result is the emotional association to money and all its attendant problems.