Monday, 8 September 2014

How to Create Mass Genocide

"I was spanked as a child and I've paid close attention to the consequences and the effects it has on my parenting. Spanking should not be confused with abuse. For parents who spank loveingly, and there is such a thing, it is a last resort to correct. Some children require more firm discipline than others. Study the effects of adulthood on children raised with no discipline. Parents should seek out healthy boundaries to spanking when in question. I am an advocate for it because I have seen it change disrespect to respect and it can happen quickly. Children who are loved unconditionally can be spanked and learn from it. They go on to thank their parents for teaching boundaries and live life not crossing other peoples boundaries. Spanking is a personal decision and should not be judged by others unless they are willing to do the disciplining for you. Spare the Rod Spoil the Child. Blah blah blah blah bullshit bullshit bullshit"

- Some brainwashed Stockholm Syndrome faggot who just renewed his S&M club membership

"To spank a child is a cruel, dispiteful, ignoble, mean, respectless, and dirty act because it is carried out towards a powerless person who is not allowed to defend herself / himself nor to escape from the aggressor and his ignorance. 

It is also the most destructive act because it damages the brain of the victims who will repeat their whole lives the lies and feeble mindedness of the King Solomon: spare the rod, spoil the child. 

Exactly the opposite is true: The rod spoils the child and leaves lingering effects for a whole life.

Solomon learned his lie from his own parents as you did it from yours and as your children will learn it from you." 

- Dr Alice Miller, delivering Truth and Justice in response

We need more budding mass murderers to cull the out of control population. So parents, please keep beating your children and turn them into psychopathic killers.

Find out more on how to create a mass murderer here:

For the record, I was beaten by my mother from young, supposedly because I was 'naughty' according to some who donated their brain away a long time ago. She would close the door and beat me. Rebelling against the pain would earn more beating. Then she would ask for forgiveness for making me cry, then do it in a few days later. She knew the power of the threat, raise her hand in the threat of beating when I did something that she didn't like. I had to 'love' her out of a more genuine feeling of fear.

Few to this day still bother to address the issues raised by Dr Alice Miller, who passed away in 2010. The world continues to pay a heavy price for that. Even if enough people pay attention eventually, it is already too late for me. I have grown into my second-degree psychopathy, and have more or less retired from the Truth Movement in terms of talking to people about waking up, tired of being condescended to or put down for being a 'nut'.

I have little emotion. I have little feelings of compassion and empathy. The concept of 'love' does not register with me and may explain why I don't want to have anything to do with having a girlfriend and have stayed single at this point in my life. Having stayed single doesn't even seem to bother me at all even though most people at my age have married with children. I have little time to care for other people's problems.

Good luck to who ever is out there who still believes in waking up the dead. Don't expect salvation from the new post-petrodollar era. New boss will be the same as the old boss.

This Goddess Sophia's Correction that was predicted by the Gnostics and brought back from obscurity by John Lash and his research had better happen now, as we are going off the cliff.