Sunday, 14 September 2014

Follow the Evidence, Forget the Theory

Dr Judy Wood's approach to the WTC question is something that should be followed by the Truth Movement that seeks to be the alternative to the mainstream. The mainstream institutions in every field is long proven to be useless to serving humanity with its collusion with the control system to occult and obfuscate the Truth from us and keep us running in circles.

When approaching the big question mark of what really happened on 9/11/2001, she did not go for the theory. In her words going for the theory is not going to hold up in a court.

And that is current problem with the convincing power of the alternative movement. A theory comes out, it 'feels' right because it 'appears' to make much more sense, and we go along with it because of emotions and such.

And that is where the problem lies especially when confronting those still stuck in the mainstream. In a way those of the mainstream calling us conspiracy 'theorists' precisely because when it comes down to the debating table, all we really wind up demonstrating is our emotional attachment to a theory.

Presenting evidence to demolish pre-existing theories with a detached, business attitude is far more effective. Because evidence, like in this case charred cars, less than expected rubble pile, intact foundation and dyke walls despite the dropping of five hundred thousand tonne building weight is Truth. Truth is 'what has happened' in its simplest definition, doesn't matter if it is obfuscated or hidden, it doesn't undo the fact that it happened.

'Yeah perhaps for once fires did burn up the steel and melt the building and sent it crashing down. But then how has that to do with lines of cars miles from the site getting burnt up in all these strange and unusual ways at the same time this happened?'

Then leave them to figure it out on their own. Their ego would be too big to listen to anyone anyway.

The flight MH17 shootdown over Ukraine was another example of evidence over theory. The image of thetypically reinforced cockpit riddled with 30mm bullet holes (entry and exit on both sides, indicating the cockpit was sprayed from both sides) showed evidence of 30mm bullets big enough to kill tanks spewed from an aircraft cannon showed that surface to air missiles had little to do with bringing down the plane.

Because its physical evidence leading to Truth the image was almost completely scrubbed from the internet except vigilantes like gatecrashing the lying asses running the western governments and made the local presstitutes of toilet paper of news look like dumbasses for joining in blind condemnation of President Putin.

Their evidence for Russian rebels supposedly shooting down the plane? A bunch of twitter feeds from a couple of masked men who were supposedly auditioning for Counterstrike: The Movie.

Here's a suggestion to the guys behind 'Ancient Aliens'. Be objective with the evidence, and leave the speculation to the audience.

For example the 1000-tonne stones of Baalbek, Lebanon near can be lifted only by the largest mobile cranes today  (It has to be this big: ) together with extensive site preparation and means of transport.

In other words those who carved these stones out did not face the challenges we face today with construction of modern buildings. That is what makes this interesting. This is the evidence that should be brought to the debating table.

Speculating about how the Temple of Jupiter might be a rocket launchpad is only good for entertainment value.