Monday, 8 September 2014


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Its more than just a 4chan meme.

Twin towers that were solidly build with the idea of standing up to a commercial jetliner ramming into the building came down in less than 2 hours.

In the case of the Beijing fire, as with is typical with that part of the world where saving costs in the name of safety is the trademark, someone gets the bright idea of setting  up a fireworks factory in the unfinished building. The end result is a building that is hardly worse for wear except in shades of black and grey.

To this day there are people who refuse to look at the Building 7 video and the BBC prematurely reading off the script indicating Building 7 had already collapsed when it was still standing in the afternoon right behind her.

This single fact that Building 7 was never struck by a plane and yet still demolished in the name of fulfilling the wishes of the Black Lodge of Freemasonry that would force people to look up and start questioning (see more on Mark Passio's podcasts on Freemasonry, Tarot cards, and the Occultic reasons behind 11/9/2001 at .

And it would get the ball rolling as deeper investigations and analysis showed the official story did not add up.

It was a mistake on the part of the controllers. They fully intended Building 7 to be struck by a plane, likely Flight 93.It was a mistake that was seized upon by the Truthers who until then were dealing with audiences barely enough to fill a phone booth, and ridicule.

The pioneers, Alex Jones, David Icke, Alan Watts, George Carlin and many others who lived to see the day that masses would start to listen to them. Making the alternative media and the Awakening what it is today.

'It is darkest before the dawn,' Alex Jones likes this quote. What he means is that things get at their worst before the best comes. Let's hope he is right. The controllers have still pushed through their agenda, clumsily, where false flags are now one of the top searched terms on the internet. The internet itself is targeted for firewalling China style. WW3 is already in its beginning phases, although there is still some chance of putting a stop to it.

The controllers know they are losing control of the situation. They don't like to lose. Now its open season on Humanity. They make sure a sense of hopelessness is enforced through cycles of fear, like the one we are coming up now in the days before the anniversary of that terrible day in 2001. They still believe their ideal of a Hunger Games society where what's left of us will live and work in squalor, serving them and living in an oppressive climate. They know what will happen to them when they lose.

They believe they will win. They have already lost by joining the dark side.