Tuesday, 2 December 2014

InternetAristocrat explains why he left Youtube and #GamerGate

Some common sense advice about 'movements' and 'causes'.

More information on GamerGate and why it was such a big deal at http://encyclopediadramatica.se (Not Safe For Work website)

Not that I care for all this shit anymore. The last game played on a regular basis was Borderlands 2.

Its been a long history of gaming from the 1980s when we had 5" floppy disks and Commodore 64 computers with 8-bit colors, through the days of Half Life and its derivatives at the turn of the millennium (still waiting for the idiots at Valve to get their fucking act together with concluding the series, their delays are so long its not even funny anymore) to the Call of Duty era.

Probably thanks to the way the video game industry has been corporatized by the likes of EA screwing over epic storylines such as Command and Conquer and Mass Effect, its probably safe to say that games have lost their luster and there is a high chance unless a decent game that appeals to me comes along, I might be done for good.

It seems the new wave of DIY gamers propelled by initiatives like Steam Greenlight that should have been an opportunity for gaming entrepreneurs to do what they felt big game studios like Valve, Interplay and of course Electronic Arts fell short of has instead allowed bullshit like gender-bender sex-change games to be uploaded by morons. Making it worse is that a new and disturbing phenomenon of Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) have been trying to take over this part of the video game industry.

The gaming industry in the United States will go under like everything else once the Collapse happens. No one will be thinking of getting video games when people are probably going to be selling their rear ends for a loaf of bread.

This decade might end badly for gamers and anime fans alike as Japan gets irradiated by Fukushima and the current inept leadership of that country makes the worst possible economic decisions.

Already one of the longest running manga series, Ah My Goddess has concluded in June 2014. Given the theme of the manga was about the existence of higher dimensional enlightened beings making contact with one particular human and hidden in plain sight in front of all his fellow humans passing themselves off as 'foreigners', its conclusion was of special significance in the spiritual sense.

We need to clean our own toilet of false dogmas and enslaving religions of money and government. Our juvenile phase as a species is over.