Monday, 19 October 2015

Beyond Syria - Russia's Huge Responsibility

Russia's actions in Syria marks the first time that America's direct imperialism has been challenged properly after years of false starts, most recent false start Tsipras folding like a cheap suit over the Greek bailout.

Russia's actions in Syria have given hope that this nightmare of the Wolfowitz doctrine will be turned around. While prayer can help in the end taking action to turn around bad actions of others is what will change this physical world.

And this hope runs much deeper than most, at least among those of us who are aware and are not limited to the MSM, that with justice a real chance with peace will come.

It has also given, I hope, some courage to humanity to take their own initiative to cut themselves from the parasites of the western banking cartel that have been holding real human progress since the Renaissance. This in turn will ensure their defeat.

However one must examine the motivations of what made Russia go into Syria. Russia understands the threat to its own survival if Syria is allowed to fall. 

It so happens that President Assad is not attempting to play both sides of the game like Gaddafi did. Also his country is key to Washington that if it falls, allowing them to block Iran's oil pipeline access to the Mediterranean. 

Russia won't go around and solve every problem out there if it does not pose a critical threat to its geo-strategic interests.

The article correctly mentions China's financial initiatives which have been going on for some time. Also with Russia's actions in Syria preventing US hegemony through oil supply and therefore its Petrodollar over Europe.

According to 'V' the Guerrilla Economist, the US Petrodollar will eventually fall. The question remains if the the western banking cartel that Evil has found a powerful weapon in will be destroyed along with it, or they will morph into another form.

Will the information of the internet and social media and enough awake people exercising the action to change by withdrawing support from this fictional system that they have been trained to be dependent on be enough to turn this multi-generational force of evil around?

Clearly the western banking cartel is still working this moment only because there are enough unawake still supporting this system.

It is tempting for some to say that this is another dialectic of East vs West. The article gives a hint of this by talking about the problems of the Russian Central Bank and its connections with the BIS.

For us on the ground, at least those who are aware that something is wrong with the world beyond what the MSM claims, Washington D.C. has gotten cartoonishly evil, as if someone behind the scenes is telling it to be so, which in turns feeds the belief that another dialectic exists.

Is Russia and China the final chesspiece to consolidating the global prison planet, or indeed we are entering a new era where this current nightmare under this Evil force becomes a memory?