Sunday, 18 October 2015

The Red Pill

It was about 3 years ago when I came across a guy who had gotten out of jail and was selling keychain tags for cash, his sales pitch would mention the Yellow Ribbon Project, which I think is a bunch of pretend to give the impression to the gullible that society here cares about reintegrating ex-inmates into society.

I soon found out that he had been part of a group related to finance in a department. All in that group were in on some stuff that they were not supposed to do, but only he was made the 'fall guy' for the group's wrong doings.

It was obvious he was well educated, his language wasn't some guy who had never gone to school, otherwise he wouldn't have found himself in that job he was in that got him into trouble. No doubt he had been drawing good pay until then.

But despite having served the system, all it took was one mistake and immediately he ended up in the slammer. Everything that would define his freedom would be taken away from him.

Even after he got out, he had a hard time. He said about the times when he was sleeping outdoors the cops would wake him up. More than once he had been urinated on. It was clear despite his education his face showed he had been through a lot of crap. He indicated he was doing alright, being able to pay off his house with the monthly salary he got from selling his keychains.

Society had turned its back on him. It was clear he wasn't going to get a regular job. He had been left to sort things out on his own and rely on himself. But because of this he had woken up to see how deadly the system could be to the individual. 

The same system that everyone upholds and supports, with excuses to justify it. So long as they don't end up like this ex-inmate. Yet this system gradually destroys the individual, gradually increasing costs of living, until one day the system is unsustainable.

All of it is man-made and a construct, originating from letters on a piece of paper with a fancy letterhead. It survives because the majority of its supporters, cowards who can't face their own darkness, projects it on others, with the excuse its justified. And everyone involved in it supports it even though they may have negative sentiments about it, because the paycheck is good.

It gets better. They ostracize those who have woken up as crazy and dangerous, because their masters running the same system tell them that this is so.

Those who are living it up should know that what happened to this ex-inmate can happen to them. Maybe they understand from their work experience that the work place is filled with wolves waiting out for weakness as a signal to devour. But they haven't found out how bad it can really get when the system ditches them into their prepared prison institutions, their wastebin for humanity.

People choose their own prison planet.