Thursday, 22 October 2015

'Lesser of Two Evils' is a Dangerous Form of Thinking

'Lesser of Two Evils' is a form of logic that a person engages in by choosing something that has faults, but is seen by that person as 'lesser faults' than the other choice by his flawed perspective brought upon by bad information, even though these faults have consequences down the road.

Here is why 'lesser of two evils' is a dangerous form of thinking:

-  the individual fails to go beyond a box of limitations and consider that a world exists beyond the range of choices currently available.

- the individual resigns to be lazy when making choices that will affect himself and those around him, even in matters of national security

- the individual finds excuses and justifications that go up against the immutable (cannot be modified) rules of Natural Law

- the individual finds excuses and justifications for compromising one's own value systems, giving ground to Evil an inch at a time, eventually degenerating to hardcore decadence a few generations down the road as what has happened to the United States in the last 100 years and accelerated at an exponential rate in the last 7 years.

- this form of logic is a convenient non-sequitur argument that steers the debate away from the essential points of argument by playing on emotional mind control such as Fear. 

Example: bringing up the atrocious conditions of a failed state (like Somalia) to suggest the current misdirection of one's own country engaged in acts of subjugation and violence is the lesser of two evils using the fear-based mind control.

- the long term results of such logic is that the situation still deteriorates until a nihilistic state is achieved, only difference is that a longer time was taken 'circling the drain'.