Thursday, 10 December 2015

Neptune Orient Lines Sold; Sign of the Times?

I have noticed that a decent portion of readers to this site are from Russia, depending on the article I write. 

I want to send my regards to Russia, been an amateur student of history (or someone who doesn't really bother with the small detail) Russia has endured a lot of crap thrown at it from western banking cabal especially their 'lost century' and the era of western exploitation under the Yeltsin years. 

An intelligence insider associated with the Guerrilla Economist said Russia is still in payback mode and they are justified and there is enough evidence that most of the awake portion of the world sees the duplicity of the west to stand behind Russia and China.

I also want to sincerely thank the Russian President and his armed forces personnel whose actions have busted open the lies of the western banking Cabal, saved Syria from a fate similar to Libya, and proven the independent media across the world right in questioning the lies coming out of the western governments. 

Russia's intervention in the Syrian war has been necessary in taking out the western proxy spawn of Hell called the 'Daesh' who think they are something special riding on trucks, beheading children and trafficking in sex slaves.

Anyway this article came up some days away (hope the URL works, if not, copy+paste):

Neptune Orient Lines is just one of many shipping companies, but its a long running one that was owned by the Government of Singapore and had a office tower next to the local Port Authority building.

Things are not looking good for global trade. Figures on the state of the global economy are many, but the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) is one. Here's one from Wikipedia where on the left side is the BDI graph since 1985:

Raw materials essential to manufacturing (iron ore, aluminum ore) can't fly by air because they are heavy, so they go by ship.

The BDI measures how much ships are in demand against the amount of stuff to be shipped. So if there are more ships than cargo, rates go down. Less ships than cargo, rates go up. 

The BDI graph shows that global shipping has dropped to historic lows since 1985 when this index was first started so there is the largest number of ships against cargo. 

This also means production of finished goods is falling hard. Example, Chinese ports normally busy for Christmas season have been reported to be a lot quieter this year. Manufacturing holds up a large percentage of the world's economy and is what allows us, the end user to buy stuff. 

No stuff to make for consumers to buy, economy is in the tank.

A global recession is already here. The reason why few have noticed, is also why Silver prices per ounce are at below mining cost levels when they should be skyrocketing due to high demand and lower supply. 

The numbers are being fudged with to hide the reality until it cannot be hidden anymore. But they can't cover up the reality of ships carrying containers filled with air. Unlike magical financial derivatives and making up numbers on stock market screens, no one can fake non-existent iron ore and coal needed to keep the factories making stuff.

NOL is the latest to take the hit with the economic reality and it won't be the last. The fundamentals must be followed where in order to have an economy there must be a factory somewhere chugging along making stuff of beneficial value to the end consumer.

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