Sunday, 27 December 2015

Артём Гришанов - Русская буря / Russian storm / War in Syria (English su...

Biased Presstitute Media:

Your corporate masters are using you as whores and you are complicit in misleading your audience about the reality of Russia, the unwavering resolve of their armed forces, and the overwhelming support they receive from the civilized world aware of the history of Washington DC's support and active funding of terrorist groups to destabilize the Middle East in a war for resources at the expense of human lives and property in that region.

Your claims to represent 'international opinion' is as sensible as throwing fine dust against the wind. 

Your days are numbered.

Abandon all hope, those who continue along this path of deceit serving your Satanic masters.

At the interview of the
recovering Su-24 co-pilot who was rescued towards the end of the video
the proper translation was to the effect of, 'I will ask the airbase to allow me to keep serving, I owe a debt to my late commander.'