Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Russia's Intervention in Syria Exposes New Age Frauds

Cabal-funded terrorism to destabilize the Middle East to improve the Cabal's resource acquisition went on until Russia stepped in at the end of September 2015. 

Just as when Iceland took action to jail the bankers, corrective action in the form of well-planned war gaming and advanced as well as fearsome weaponry like the TOS-1 thermobaric rockets, has routed the most depraved elements of this world and exposed the parties funding these elements. 

It has been effective enough that genuine Syrian refugees heading to Europe have turned back to rebuild their shattered country.

If any New Ager or milquetoast wuss doesn't get the significance of the 'right defensive/corrective action' and results from Russia's military intervention in Syria, that individual is not paying attention. Russia's intervention in Syria represents one of the few high points in 2015.

However most New Agers will refuse to see reality when their brains have been rewired from meditating 10 hours a day. 

There has been information been thrown around about how mass meditation can change the world as well as heal the individual.

The veracity of that has been based on a mass meditation event that supposedly dropped the worldwide crime rate and reduced the intensity of conflict.

I don't buy that as many 'spiritual' persons I have come across who were frequently meditating were in fact passive aggressive types who had only buried their anger skin deep and showed up when I disagreed with their flawed views.

Lately there have been those who believe a period of great change is coming called 'The Event' where the control system of enslavement by the Powers that Should Not Be (henceforth known as the Cabal) is being dismantled by external forces.

The proof that all of this is very dubious is the way new information keeps getting drip-fed, just enough to keep people's hopes up. The entire narrative surrounding the Event from the start sounds like a carefully crafted science fiction write up.

Recently one of the sources who claim to be working with the 'good guys' brought up new information that appears to have thrown the carefully calculated progress quite far off track and apparently shown that the intel this source revealed had major gaps.

As a result cracks have formed among the faithful with frustrated comments with the level of progress of this 'liberation'.

Many out of fear of being pointed and laughed at and for fear of acknowledging they might be wrong are still sticking to believing that some external savior is coming to rescue them as long as they keep meditating in the hope that their persistence will be vindicated. All they need is enough around the world to meditate and the 'Event' will arrive a little faster.

I have seen this all before. And whenever the prediction doesn't come to pass, the usual story from those that got it wrong will throw out some minor hiccup that scuttled the whole plan, like someone who revealed a bit too much information, just to lay the groundwork so that future drip-fed information will be even more vague, but great for feeding on the feel-good hormones. 

More of 'hope' and 'change'. 

We are not important. Get over it. No one's coming to save us. Even if higher level beings did exist, they would not want to be responsible for raising a juvenile ass crap species that is dumb enough to believe that its somehow special and unique in the Universe and doesn't need to face up to its faults so long as it bows down on its knees and grovel in fear to some false version of the Source.