Thursday, 21 January 2016

Cosmic/Natural Law is Flawless and Gives us What We Deserve

When we say 'organized religion' we are saying any belief system that causes followers to hand over personal responsibility for their own knowledge and understanding to the priest, the imam, the political leader, the Keynesian/paper asset financial adviser, by tossing their critical thinking brain into the dustbin for 'what's in it for me', leaving behind the animal beast portion of the brain (the real meaning behind 666, the Greek numerology number for this level of mentality.)

Karmic responsibility lies chiefly with the follower doing the action in his ignorance of Cosmic Law, at a lesser level Karmic responsibility affects those running the system from the top as they only gave the order and did not carry it out. 

This is why we the individual have the power to stop our own enslavement and break free of the mind prison, and this is how it works.

This is why the reason why the world is in a mess is the vast majority of people do not read enough and take action based in knowledge of Cosmic Law, instead feeding their minds with trash mental food like tabloid garbage and TV mind control programming. 

The social engineers know that humanity has animal traits, have knowledge of how the human mind works, and then occulted it and call it 'occult and therefore bad' so we won't look at it, so they can work their magic on our minds without us able to use this occulted knowledge to spot and avoid the mind control.

"I suggest we focus more on the practical aspects and recognition of the accelerating collapse rather than on debates that could easily be misconstrued as scapegoating." - Comment

We will be doing this again in a couple hundred years until we recognize what I said above, or we vaporize ourselves in a nuclear war. 

Either fate will be well deserved according to the individual choices we make at a collective level. Cosmic Law works flawlessly either way as it is working flawlessly right now with the clusterf**k the world is in right now through our bad choice of ignorance.