Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Time Stopped After 2001

I can say at some point in time, maybe around 1999 I never thought I would still be sitting here wondering what the hell happened after those false flag events of 2001.

Time stopped is all I can say.

The reality of what has been really going on in our world had been trickling out, grew steadily after the 2003 illegal invasion of Iraq and became a torrent only after the 2008 financial crisis, very little of it good.

Along the way while the truth movement had success exposing the plans of the Globalists, there were sub-movements within the movement that took on a religious cult form that obsessed over what they saw as the truth.

The only thing that brings a smile to my face is the the Global Financial Reset will crush like insects those who took away the hopes and dreams of the millennials.

The only sliver of hope that keeps me going on in life is that the Global Financial Reset will crush without remorse those who took away my hopes and dreams and left me with a blank mind with past memories as my only companion.