Monday, 25 January 2016

Iran Sanctions Lifted

Iran's lifting of sanctions was long overdue. 

The claims of 'making nuclear bombs' was total bullshit anyway and researchers like Jim Stone and V the Guerrilla knew it was about control of energy to prop up the western banking cabal's fiat currency system and keeping Iran down from genuinely raising the standards of living and taking its country to the next level. 

Despite the sanctions the images featured by Jim Stone's website has shown it as a thriving country with a secular minded progressive society with modern highways, cities and the best parks and public gardens anywhere.

As far as it has been said Iran needed the nuclear power to refine the thicker crude oil when compared to Saudi Arabia's thinner and therefore easier to refine crude.

Glad to see Iran back in the game and despite the crashing oil prices giving a hard time for that portion of the Singapore economy, for once the country's Petrochemical refinery facilities can accept Iranian oil without getting into trouble.

Russians, Iranians, Syrians, Iraqis, Libyans are now forming the new OPEC in a post-Petrodollar world alongside the BRICS according to V's latest broadcast post-interview with Roger Ver, the 'Bitcoin Jesus' (look up V the Guerrilla Economist's new channel on Youtube, part 2 will be uploaded soon enough). 

Justice is being served on a Gold Plate in the name of these oppressed countries and the western banksters are drowning in their faggotry.

A new age is upon us.