Thursday, 17 November 2016

LaRouchePAC - Reinstating Glass-Steagall

"Hopefully, there will. But it requires each measure. Glass-Steagall as an absolute precondition, without which nothing else will work; but that is not enough. Because we are not talking just about a banking reform. We are talking about a completely new paradigm in the economic system. And that has to be defined by the Four Laws of Lyndon LaRouche, which everyone should really make sure that they understand when doing this kind of lobbying work.

"Because Lyndon LaRouche has stressed that the key thing is to increase the productivity of the labor force. Because of neo-liberal, or monetarist policies of the last decades, this productivity has gone down, in the trans-Atlantic sector, below the break-even point. This is why we need a national bank, in the tradition of Alexander Hamilton; we need a national credit policy; we need an international credit system, a new Bretton Woods System; and we obviously need a `win-win' cooperation of all nations on building the New Silk Road — also inside the United States — to become a world land-bridge.

"Extremely important is the fourth of the Four Laws, which says that you cannot get an increase in productivity in the economy, unless you go for a crash program of fusion power; and an international program for cooperation for space research. Because only if you do these kinds of avant garde leaps in productivity — fusion technology brings you to a completely different economic platform. With the fusion torch, you will be able to have energy security for the whole planet; you will have raw materials security because you will be able to use any waste, separate out different isotopes, and reconstitute out new raw materials by putting the isotopes together in the way required.

"So it's a gigantic technological leap. And the same thing goes for space technology, because it will have the same impact as during the Apollo Program, when every investment in space technology, in rockets, in other new materials, brought 14 cents back for every cent of investment. And everything from computer chips to Teflon cookware, to all kinds of benefits, occurred as biproducts of space research.

"And to get the world economy out of its present condition, especially in the trans-Atlantic sector, you need that kind of reorientation towards scientific and technological progress, increases in energy flux density. And all of this Green ideology — which is really a no-development ideology — has to be replaced; and the world has to go back in the direction where the real physical laws of the physical universe are the criteria for truth, and not some ideology." - Helga Zepp-LaRouche