Sunday, 20 November 2016

Is WiFi Really Safe? - David Icke

5G wifi is already causing me headaches. There's no telling what damage is being done with the current 3G to 4G cellphone network in terms of higher order thinking.

I really don't get the whole 'freedom' thing offered by the smartphone wifi system to send images and stuff via cell towers that are bathing me with radiation that is being hurriedly pushed out without proper medical studies on their long term effects.

Here David Icke mentions how DNA can be reprogrammed as it is a frequency transmitter, so its not just your cellphone that is receiving information from the cell tower, its your DNA as well. 

What exactly is happening to your DNA is not fully known but when we are dealing with an artificial 'distortion' frequency that is being pushed by an establishment that has not been forthcoming in the past about what they are doing. Alex Jones mentions our DNA is unravelling and our sperm count is dropping

Whatever is at the end of the road of this wifi-DNA transformation is too early to tell, but the increase in demented and diseased people and children born with all kinds of problems show something is going on.

I get the feeling by the time they admit its a problem it will already be too late.