Monday, 14 November 2016

We Should Celebrate Trump's Victory, But We Must Also Recognize The Problem With Our Current Way Of Things

Politics is corruption. It is one of those stupid things that crosses over from kids to the adult world, from the classroom to the workplace, and destroys those who don't fall for the groupthink social conformity crap.

You could be liked by the group that made up most of the classroom one day, and completely ripped to shreds the next day, all because their 'godlike' figure said so, just another punk who somehow knew how to play the power game with the right words and openly displayed his harem of concubines.

Its great that Trump got elected. However the dirty election campaign and the attacks on Trump supporters showed the problems with the system of going through 18 months of campaigning, and then hoping and praying that leader will carry out your promises for the next 4 years. 

This method of running human civilization leaves much to be desired.

We have already seen the downside of this system with Obama.

This election was of interest only because Hillary was a very serious threat to global order and security if she got elected.

LaRouche's 'New Paradigm' series offers solutions not through electing and pinning one's hopes on leaders but through technology and sound economic principles that will raise the standard of living of the individual. 

Perhaps that was the real reason why they were generally critical of both candidates. The recent election cycle was mass psychological trauma on the people of the United States.

Real progress of human civilization will be found in the likes of new energy sources like Helium-3+Deuterium Fusion reactions for energy use, 300 mile per gallon cars, new rocket propulsion for easier manned space exploration and colonization of Deep Space.