Sunday, 26 February 2017

February 2017 and Thomas Sheridan's 'Sort Of' Apology to David Icke

Moving into March the first 2 months of 2017 have been generally without incident. Maybe its too quiet. Like everything's holding its breath before something gives. There's a lot of things that could give way. Like the financial system. Or some disruptive incident by the Deep State against Trump.

An Irish singer and actress named Sarah Mulligan wants to start a Irish Trump fan website. I say good for her for standing up against the general wave of anti-Trump blind retard sentiments. For the first time the presstitutes are giving an American President the same treatment as a 3rd world tin pot dictator. As if the fake news still have any relevance in controlling reality.

Sarah Mulligan's got good vibes about her, her bikini shoots don't have the overt slutty crass look that others have and her nudes are tastefully done. I don't agree with her sanguine view of the world but so what. She would make for a great actress for Belldandy's character if they did an English live action version of Ah My Goddess.

Thomas Sheridan did a 'sort of' apology to David Icke after another one of these digital-demon possessed retards posted on Sheridan's Failbook wall showing psychos laughing as they apparently fed puppies to a venomous snake. According to Sheridan the snake appeared to display advanced sentient behavior including smiling at the prospect of a coming meal, indicating a demonic intelligence had possessed the creature.

I have encountered black spitting cobras and they are devoid of any expression, like a natural robot. When disturbed, they stop and rear up, with zero change in their demeanor, their eyes staring out like the cameras on a drone.

Sheridan was clearly disturbed from the experience.

Mr Icke is known for his metaphysical theories, most famously the idea that certain beings can be possessed and in certain occasions those that possess these humans/animals can manifest into this realm, switching into our reality from an alternate reality like changing radio stations. These beings, in Mr Icke's words, also explain the existence of psychopaths in the establishment who order the death and destruction of nations like Iraq, Libya and Syria.

Either way I hope to hear more of Sheridan's research since he had been up to this point very skeptical of David Icke's shapeshifting reptilian theory in particular.

2017's lining up to be a year of the shake-up. About time, but good thing it took this long to give me enough time to prepare. Also it will mean life will serve some long-awaited payback to the scum of the Earth who think they 'beat' the system by screwing others over.