Thursday, 2 February 2017

Joe Rogan Experience #911 - Alex Jones 2nd February 2017

Most of this video is a pain to hear with all the interruptions and cross-talk, but one comment from the Youtube comments section is worth posting here:

"I agree with Joe. All of this generalization is very easy - it's hard to
intellectualize, it's hard to be specific. That's why
anti-intellectualism is so prevalent throughout America. Nobody wants to
give credit to mankind for any innovation in any field of knowledge. 

 It's always extraterrestrials, demons. It's never imagination,
consciousness, higher learning, hard work, artistic experimentation,
thinking outside the box, dreams, etc. It's always nefarious. It's
always negative. 

Most governmental conspiracies and social engineering
programs boil down to control. Some agencies in the human world work
towards control, others want freedom. 

Things are very complicated and
now that everyone has a voice with the internet, more and more people
can be brought into the fold of some very charismatic, passionate people
with certain theories that tap into people's very base and unconscious
fears, especially fears of the unknown, fears of the government, fears
of the future, fears of the devil, etc. etc. with very little

The more and more you study, the more you open your mind and
heart, the more bullshit you'll weed out." - BOHEMIA