Thursday, 16 February 2017

Being a Minimalist is the Only Way to Go

An article on Minimalism:

The job market is unstable. The future is uncertain. 

Consumerism in this day and age is vulgar and involves purchasing pointless things that one does not need. Consumerism is a bad drug and addiction.

TV has useless programs. Everything you want to watch that is of value is over the internet.

The fridge, the microwave, the gas cooker, the washing machine, the water heater, the fan and the computer are the few high tech things I would need.

Less money spent a month means more time for other things, more money saved for other things and for bad times, and in between jobs.

The only reason to own a few more houses is the rental income without having to work for it.

The extra money should go to stacking up on extra food, water and medkits for emergencies.