Monday, 29 October 2012

College Degrees, Society at Large, Pyramids of Demonic Filth

One lesson I got from David Icke's October 27th Wembley event, but should be obvious to those who have gone to college and worked a couple of years in a job that turned out to be a ride through hell, is that getting a degree before you have started regular work is a pointless exercise.

The only difference it seems between this and a technical diploma is that you are apparently paid higher. But companies only pay employees high salaries for two things, experience, and degrees whose subject matter are very specific to the job. Until you have been to work, you have no idea what is your real passion and even if this is the line of work you should be doing. 

Too many kids have been brainwashed by their parents and the system to become what they are not. They go on to be part of of the gears and cogs in a machine that they don't understand the big picture about. Pretty soon they realize they aren't going anywhere unless they kiss ass, or their boss, another cog in the machine himself, decides that they have rusted and need to be replaced. Upgrading onself is a requirement to keep going, but how far can one go in a job that one doesn't like save for the invisible reward that has been dangled in front of you since you entered kindergarten.

There was a pretty good cartoon (also shown at David Icke's recent Wembley event, but its out there in youtube) that described the whole process completely. Since his kindergarten days the cartoon character has been chasing this phantom dream dreamt up for him by his circle of relatives and friends that leads him to some senior position in a big company. The day when he thinks he has 'arrived' as some senior executive he realizes the inescapable truth that what he had been chasing after, was not what he had been expecting and what he had been putting his sweat and tears into. 

A rat race was all he had been doing. And then he is left longing about what he should have done during those twenty plus years working seventy hours a week, all the time driven by a phantom dream, when in fact he could have lived that dream during those 20 years spent suffering his ass away working for a boss who was using this character's energy for his/her own rise to become a bigger cog in the system. I didn't really get the part about the musical score thing, but I am guessing it had something to do with expecting to listen to the music at the end of the score, instead of listening to it as the notes and octaves go by, and how it was a metaphor with how we live our entire lives. We expect to live it at the end when we were supposed to live it throughout the journey.
With what has been going around the UK with the Jimmy Saville shite these days you need to be a person completely devoid of any morals, any basic fiber of human decency, beyond the pale of any decent human conduct, to really rise to the very top of the pyramid. This should serve as a warning to anyone who fantasize that somehow it is possible to get all the way to the top. 

Here's the thing. A system that is run at the very core a satanic worshipping devil cult that runs giant kidnapping rings of women and children and ritually sacrifices them out of the public eye is at its core more rotten than the devil's pus-filled stomach filled with the rotting corpses of dead children it has eaten (credit that expression to Alex Jones) and not worth holding up and supporting. Anyone who knowingly serves this system has given him/herself the Mark of the Beast and will be dealt with accordingly. If they think they are winning, they should take a good long look at the sports scandal surrounding cyclist Lance Armstrong. The globalists let their minions think they are winning, then bring them crashing down when they are at the top. 

Even for those who are serving out of 'ignorance' ignorance is no longer an excuse. Decadence rules the day and is everywhere.Vices rule society. Greed is put on a pedestal. Ripping off fellow members of humanity. See the corruption cases in Singapore involving top chiefs of the firefighting services and the anti-drug bureaus. See the scam from about four years back of Sunshine Empire with their big paintings showing too many lions in one spot to be real, ripping off old folks of their retirement savings. Prostitution rings involving school principals. This is the point in time in any civilization in human history when unless some mass Awakening occurs, civilization collapses.

Humanity will have to pick up the pace with this Awakening thing or prepare to get shafted. I might be judged as someone who doesn't practice what he preaches, and I would agree with that. What matters is getting the information out  before even that becomes impossible.