Thursday, 25 October 2012

Video Games: Desensitized Death by Robots

I have been playing video games since I was a kid. I grew up with them. I learned to write stories and intros to those school essays that was just a waste of time like everything else in public schools, but I had to do anyway.

Graduated from pacman to Duke Nukem 3D to Half Life and the Command and Conquer series to the Call of Duty series.

But in the last decade since about the time Final Fantasy 9 was released (in around 2000, the last Final Fantasy game of Playstation 1), something wrong began to happen to video games. Some argue that the market became so that gaming companies had to employ profit maximizing strategies to stay on top or go under.

Whatever the outcome was, we gamers found ourselves dealing with monstrosities like Electronic Arts taking over franchises and beating it to a dead husk either by releasing lame expansions or simply ruining the story outright. Command and Conquer became a famous case since it originated from the 90s, but so did Battlefield and Mass Effect (through Bioware) as well as Call of Duty in its Modern Warfare and Black Ops.

As someone who grew up with the Commodore 64, its been a painful process to see the video game industry become like this. And as recent polls showed, Xbox video gamers by a large majority preferred drone strikes, in a recent poll (large sample population by the way) held during the dog and pony show that is the United States presidential debates.

I am under the impression that a large majority of gamers have lost the level of basic intelligence needed to discern between a video game and real life.

I look to the future, when we have defeated the New World Order, and we will look back and generalize video games as a whole in the same league as all the other evils that the NWO used as tools to perpetuate whatever corrupt, desperate plans they had for humanity, chiefly in this case desensitization towards apathy and making it easier to control a zombified populace. In other words never before in the history of video gaming has being termed a "video gamer" has had such a level of negative connotation.

Being someone who visits and values looking at things with the perspective of the Truth and reality, I am forced to look at something I used to enjoy doing with a much different perspective and seeing how it has brainwashed us into potential killing machines enabling the deaths of real people with real souls and real emotions.

These opinions are my own. I do not claim to represent the opinions of any group whatsoever, although I will say I am one of the relative few who play video games for the storyline's sake, i.e. singleplayer mode. Even the value in that is largely gone, with cheap run of the mill stories making video games just another annoying NWO brainwashing tool that should be avoided at all costs.
As an example, the 'bad guy' in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was the 'leader of the 99%', a clear reference to the large majority of humanity targeted for financial, social, moral and physical extermination by the NWO.

I am as good as done with video games.


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