Sunday, 21 October 2012

Soldiers of Freedom

This is for the record. 

I was originally going to put it as Soldiers of Fortune, as a nod to one of the most realistic video games out there for its time, and its sequel, 'Double Helix'.

But these are dark times. Our generation born in the eighties and early nineties face a dark future ahead. The knowledge of what's really going on behind the scenes on the world stage give little comfort to what's up ahead. If anything its gotten so into our faces being either 'sheep-minded' or 'awake' there is hardly any difference with knowing there's a problem out there.

The bullshit that is globalization has resulted in a situation where everyone is forced to compete with everyone else. The baby boomer generation, the majority of which have grown up being led to believe that the system is god are only now beginning to realize that the system has been having them all along. The thing is, those who have been smart about their finances will have a ton of savings to sit on, and many of them were the pioneers of the new industries that have come up. 

Our generation on the other hand are usually finding ourselves going into established fields that are already dominated by these types. Sad to say, my experience with many of these middle managers and senior managers with their top down approach in this fucked up country I live in has been a rather unpleasant one. Not too long ago, one such person who likely falls into this group posted comments on the web generalizing my generation has having it too easy, and complaining too much, compared to his generation.

I say to these people, the steps going down six feet are ready, the coffin lid is open, just go down there, STFU and sleep forever. We will gladly hammer in the nails for you.

If you baby boomers hate us so much, then you share the blame for bringing us into the world. You also share the blame collectively for bringing the world to a state where information technology has made it what it is so that to stay away from the internet completely is next to impossible, and made the world a flat place where everyone is competing with everyone else on the entire planet for a paycheck, resulting in lower and lower wages in the name of competitive profit margins for mega-corporations, while inflation further pushes the dreams of owning a house and a car further and further away from our generation. 

The middle class is being destroyed before our very eyes. Is it surprising that our generation is producing less and less children? Is it surprising that our generation has more and more people staying single, and it turns out these are the same people who are more likely to be in touch with their common sense or are highly educated? Is it surprising that those of our generation with deep pockets are emigrating out of this nation to countries like Australia? Is it surprising that many of us are still staying with our parents long after we reach our thirties?

Also chemicals like fluoride in the water that have been proven to screw up children's brains and put one at the risk of cancer (see Harvard study fluoride causes brain damage) has led to our generation to have suffered some form of damage that has impaired the ability to think clearly. Looking back on it I am pretty sure I suffered some form of effect from fluoride as I had a real problem in primary (elementary) school paying attention or solving simple maths problems, and suffered big time for it. Its a childhood I pretend I never had. I remember drinking fluoridated water by the barrel load as a kid in elementary, well because who told us it was safe to drink? "Adults". 

One thing for sure, our generation is picking up the tab for the crap that is running this world. I feel bad for the folks in America of my age who are looking forward to a US$16 trillion debt that them and their future generations will have to pay off with their taxpayer money, assuming the Dollar lives that far. A collapse of the US dollar will have severe repercussions for every other nation on the planet, including China, in one way or another. The economic conditions we are now having are very similar to the same conditions preceding the Second World War.

We face a dark, dangerous and dystopic future. People talk about being positive, but ask anybody who's deep into preparing for a possible society collapse (preppers for short), and he will tell you, 'Think Survival, Not Rights'. Its a scenario that leads one down the path of discussion few will dare venture, but will be forced upon us sooner than we would like to think.

"Folks, we aren't in Kansas anymore." 
- Alexander Jones, CEO of Infowars, Austin, Texas

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