Sunday, 21 October 2012

Facebook a.k.a. Myspace 2.0: Electric Boogaloo

 The title says it.

 A friend once said that Failbook has lost its effectiveness to communicate important stuff, and in the end the best way to communicate important news was through word of mouth, from one person to the next.

Why has it lost its effectiveness? The faggotry levels of the blog are at levels previously unheard of. Most of the posts are of the daily activities of people doing completely mundane stuff that I don't need to know about. The right hand side of Facebook contains games that have no intrinsic value, not even a basic storyline, just a reason to pass the time. So people who come on to Failbook do so not expecting serious stuff like news updates.

And then there are other reasons. Facebook's earnings have been crashing, and recently it was revealed that yet again they are compromising user's privacy (as if there was any to begin with) by selling your usage data to companies to boost their profits. What this means is companies can use this sold data, and shove advertisements in your face without asking you. 

A more sinister angle to this is that it conditions users to accept having their details become an open book for faceless corporations. Add this with their face recognition software that profiles you wherever you go and automatically attaches your personal preferences to your face and name, also opens the door for private or government run firms to be able to access your data. There are analysts who are experts in decoding human personalities based on the kind of data that has been mentioned above, down to what you do in the bedroom.

Posting your stuff on facebook also runs the risk of you being profiled by interviewing employers who are known to actively search to gather a better idea of the kind of person they have interviewed and this can make or break their decision to hire you.

Facebook has also been used as a weapon for cyber-bullies. The recent suicide of Amanda Todd over cyber-bullying taken too far is a case example. While the facebook team has been actively censoring certain political viewpoints, they have allowed cyberbullying and pedophilia to run rampant.

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