Monday, 26 November 2012

Get a Job

I don't like keeping my mind idle. I hate sitting around doing nothing. I need a purpose otherwise life isn't worth living.

But I cannot work and consciously know that I give up a portion of my salary (which increases exponentially as my salary increases) and give up another portion into the local version of 401k called the Central Provident Fund (CPF) which since the government here says I cannot withdraw until there is more than $135,000, I am over sixty five and on a drip or worse, is as good as another layer of taxation, because the bloody system says so. And this country sure loves its penalties and fines.

And at work I am faced with pseudo personalities who suck up to the boss by stepping on your head, everyone is like sharks in a feeding frenzy to race to the top while the elite sit back and laugh at us knowing the game full well.

And this insane system is run by pedophiles, satanists and occultists, and the insane.

Its time the rest of the world woke up their idea and refuse to serve these parasites.