Saturday, 24 November 2012

There Is Something in that TV

Those who are largely exposed to the alternative media will also be aware of the detrimental effects of television. The amount of garbage,  decadence and fluff flushed into our living rooms is unprecedented.

Some years back a big push for a new kind of television that is riding on the information revolution of bigger bandwidth of cable and satellite came about called high definition. Media corporations, government etc (here we go again) were pushing high definition television, advertizing with promises and gimmicks that were rooted in the same old methods of advertizing, our modern way of living that appears to be dominated by a chase for bright shiny objects.

Starting around 2008 I noticed I was unable to watch a program for longer than forty minutes. After 2010 it went down to less than 30 minutes unless it was a program of interest (usually its documentaries from the history channel. It seems the only half decent type of program out there). If that happened I would have bad headaches after watching for an hour.

Either its the recent trend in flashing special effects, or some unseen frequency outside of visible light that is being fed into the television that we pick up. I might as well be sitting a ruler's length away from a microwave oven. And I draw the connection between these headaches I have been getting with the recent introduction of high definition television from the approximate timing of this introduction. After a recently bad episode of headaches from watching an hour long program, I have had to make it a point to watch no more than twenty minutes.

When it comes to the introduction of new technologies, given that money and wealth runs the world but is in the hands of the few, who repeatedly with documents and evidence to want to control the rest of the world population, one has a right to be suspicious of ulterior motives of such technologies, and the leaving of 'back doors' to allow the control grid to take control of your smartphone, for example.

Humanity is at a crossroads but it seems in this current stratification of society a few are leading the rest. Democracy is an illusion. The elite for a large part appear to define the way humanity is going. One path goes to a global prison system of control in the long run, and a return to the Dark Ages that will also consume those who initiated it.

The other path allows people to have the liberty to thrive and be entrepreneurs, and in turn those with wealth contribute to building up of civilization to Type 1 level that can survive destruction of their home planet. Those who control the direction of society need to realize the consequences of the choices they make.