Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Reality? What Reality?

For some their reality is sports as entertainment. For the oldfags among this group, their reality is video games are 100% evil (even though its kind of the same entertainment as the football they can't live without) and the internet is filled with Hackers on Steroids working through a Series of Tubes that needs to be shut down.

For some reality is that government is good, government is our lord and savior, and questioning them should be kept at a softball level so that we don't piss off the overlords who tell us we should listen to them and pay them taxes to further enlarge government and further tell us how we should run our lives. In fact the bigger the government the better. World government is ultimate utopia since with one single government there can't be war, right? Right?

Reality for some is X-factor, Dancing with the stars, American Idol, Shitbook, faecesbook, Failbook, MySpace 2.0: Electric Boogaloo, Facebook, apps for smartphones, etc.

Reality for some is all of the above, and getting up at 7 am, rushing to the crowded oxygen-free subway train (because obviously 2 minutes is the difference between a promotion and being passed over), working on bullshit you couldn't care less about to earn those few bucks, scheming at the same time to bring other co-workers down and boot-licking the boss to convince him you are the reason why the company is able to succeed, go for lunch, a sandwich or a heavy lunch wolfed down in ten minutes, gossip about the latest trends in latest electronic tech and how the latest election in the US matters to the world, go back to work, repeat what you did in the morning, perhaps a meeting where if you are not important you are spectating a meeting that has about as much importance as a bucket of elephant dung, but you have to go anyway, answer about your progress in your department which you otherwise don't care outside of work, go back home as late as 10pm to show your boss you were hardworking, maybe one hour of your time, go back to bed and repeat it the next day.

If you are a family man, perhaps spending time with your kids is on Saturdays and Sundays and for the occasional family outing you have managed to save up for in between paying off the debt spent on that wedding, your housing loan, your student loan from your college/university days, your utility bills, and everything else in between. Oh yeah and feed the family pet that you don't like but have to live with because your spouse likes keeping pets and you had to marry that person or your family won't approve.

Its a fact for some that barely two days have passed since you got your paycheck that you are broke yet again.

You are forty years old and you one day wonder where was that fantasy dream you've been chasing since your teachers, 'friends', family and the system told you about.

'Study hard to get this job I tell you should do because its popular and people 'respect' that profession. This is reality. You don't study hard you will be in deep shit. You will suffer and be living on the streets. I know what's good for you because we are your parents. You want to learn the hard way, that's your choice. Fear Reality. Reality is what we say because we have served it and you should as well. Fear, Fear, FEAR.'

'This is reality,' your co-worker wage slave deep in the matrix say through their workaholic-dope-induced eyes, not quite able to discern you from more than 3 feet away. 'Get used to it. Otherwise what's the point of life? Get married with a wife (who was told by her mother a husband is good only if he has a car on top of a house), have kids, and retire at 65. Live to work. Buy, consume, work, die.'
'Oh by the way, you can't get all of your retirement savings, its government policy.'

'What? But I worked hard all my life, bootlicking my bosses, backstabbing my way to the top, rushing for subway trains, pulling all kinds of strings to survive in the workplace, to make sure my kids could grow up with public education! I was told I could get my money on retirement. How can I retire without that half of my retirement money the government is keeping?'

'You didn't know? Its in the fine print. Too many people grabbed their entire retirement savings and gambled it all away in the past. Government now decides for you how you spend your money.'

'You are a conspiracy theorist. It's not the reality I invested in with my energy and sweat. It's not the reality I was told when I was in school.'


What was that your parents told you when you were a kid that when you grow up then you 'can do what you want'?