Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Presstitute Mudstream Media: Demand for Foreign Labor Expected to Rise

The latest pitch to further sink this island with foreign trash talent was sold to us today on a day when people should be partying the victory of Light over Darkness. Delicious irony is delicious.

Knowing they got thrashed in the last election over issues like the influx of foreigners, they are doing a pretty good job claiming that this is just for the usual jobs that in an expensive city state no Singaporean would take, i.e. construction laborers, foreign domestic workers (FDWs). The article itself claims FDWs  are needed as 12% of elderly non-working resident households last year hired at least one of them, and implies that this will continue to rise as the population gets more elderly. However this assumes if Singaporeans themselves can afford hiring what we would call 'foreign maids'. And the article makes no mention in numbers about elderly, well-to-do foreigners coming here on the lax immigration policies themselves hiring FDWs on their own, which might be the real drive here.

Singapore is a nightmare when it comes to population density. Ask anyone who's been through rush-hour. Facilities and infrastructure are showing signs of wear and tear (just ask SMRT, the subway train operator).

'These projections are according to an occasional paper released yesterday by the National Population and Talent Division (NPTD).'

'National Population and Talent Division' was started, according to Wikipedia, in January 2011. The General Election came soon after. One can't help but wonder at the timing that the ruling party probably knew they would get thrashed over this 'foreign talent' issue, and hastily created this division (chaired by no less than the Deputy Prime Minister and one time Defense Minister, and holds the position of Coordinating Minister for National Security and Minister for Home Affairs) to try assure Singapore voters that the burning issues would be taken care of.

'Associate Prof Tan Khee Giap from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (here we go again) said: 'Even (if) all Singaporean households decide to produce half a dozen children from today, it would be too late as it would take time to grow up and be available to the needed job markets.' '

Jeez I wonder who else said we need to pump out more babies. By the way he was also the same guy who instituted a punitive 'Stop at 2' policy in the 1960's. To add more rotting pus on top of the pile of bullshit this Assoc Prof Tan sets a ballpark figure of an insane six babies per Singaporean couple as still not enough, to 'psy-op' (here we call it 'psycho') us into showing its a hopeless cause and make us buy into this sales pitch to further overcrowd this country, knowing full well a Singaporean couple would not be able to afford a wooden shack if they even went beyond more than one kid with the insane inflation and doubling of world food prices, education, utilities, and general overall cost of living here.

This same Assoc Prof Tan, throws in the old fear card at the end of the article, which is following a template that is almost universal among all tightly controlled local media, 'Luckily we are not in Europe or US (where) 99% of them cannot afford this sort of help unless paid for by the welfare state. Are we demanding the same in the future?'

I can hear the chumps, gofers, boot-lickers and yes-men gladly getting in line.

In the end practical necessity of survival will ensure a faster falling birth rate among local Singaporeans in the face of endangered job security. Thanks to 'globalization', everyone around the world is now competing with workers in factories in China working for cents on the dollar, for 18 hours a day. Apple owned Foxconn in China has had to ring their buildings with suicide nets. Go look it up.

As for the comment about the welfare state of the Western hemisphere, this didn't happen by accident. It was engineered and designed at all levels to purposely destroy the Western hemisphere and pave the way for the rise of China who's draconian policies against its people were given the seal of approval by David Rockefeller whose family has a long history of pulling power strings behind the curtain.

Frankfurt School of Social Engineering, coming out of the Frankfurt fiefdom of the Rothschilds in the 1930s who are way up there who control virtually the entire money supply of the world through their minions, i.e. political leaders and political think tanks:

-Huge immigration to destroy national identity (see Singapore, United States, Europe, etc)

-Control and dumbing down of the media (manipulation of methods of reporting of events and therefore programming our sense of the world and reality)

-dependency on state and state benefits (and of course pulling them out when they are fully dependent on the system)

-the promotion of excessive drinking

-emptying of churches

-encouraging the breakdown of the family
-creation of racism offenses,

-continual 'change' to create confusion

-the teaching of sex to children

and others


What Dr Richard Day said in 1969:

-Suppressing cancer cures as a means of population control

-Curtailment of United States industrial pre-eminence (happened already)

-Sports as a tool for social engineering and change (when is the next Manchester United versus Liverpool match? Knowing all the football player names, all the match strategies, placement of players on the football field, etc and little else apart from their job scope which in a significant number of people is all that makes up their general knowledge in their whole life)

-Falsified scientific research (see exposed Climate Gate emails on 'human' caused global warming and conspiracy to 'hide the decline' of global temperatures caused by reduced sun activity to impose carbon taxes on everything we use. Al Gore by the way has a $20 million dollar house by the coast, what coastal flooding?)

-Use of terrorism, surveillance, implants and televisions that watch you (remember this was said in 1969)

-Knowing how people respond, making you do what they want (targeted aggressive advertizing based on their collection of data on your search results, what you put on facebook, what websites you visit and more)

-Technology will be used for reproduction without sex

-Families to be diminished in importance

-Euthanasia and the demise pill

-Limiting affordable access to medical care makes eliminating the elderly easier

-New difficult to diagnose and untreatable diseases

-Education as tool for accelerating the onset of puberty and evolution

-Restructuring education as a tool of indoctrination

-More time in schools but pupils wouldn't learn anything

-Controlling access to (real) education, school as the hub of the community

-Changing laws to promote moral and social chaos

-The promotion of drug abuse to create a jungle atmosphere in cities and towns

-Promote alcohol abuse

-Restrictions on travel

-The need for more jails

-No more psychological and physical security

-Crime used to manage society

-Shifting populations and economies

-Tearing out the social roots

-Sex and violence inculcated in entertainment

-Implanted I.D. cards (see mass microchipping of population)

-Food control (Genetically Modified food, food supply control to give the impression of scarcity so the majority of population live in a Hunger Games style civilization of filth and decay with the elite lording over us)

-Weather control (HAARP, Alaska and similar facilities for punching holes in the ionosphere)

-The arrival of the totalitarian global system

The above lists are by no means exhaustive.

The above information has been brought to the mainstream domain thanks to people like David Icke. Mr David Icke called out on Jimmy Saville the 'national treasure' as a prolific pedophile a decade before his activities were exposed in recent weeks in the United Kingdom.

'Huge immigration to destroy national identity'. This was planned as early in the 1930's. This is happening to us now. Get real.Wake up now, or prepare to put your children and grandchildren through living hell under the real terrorists of the world, the globalists.