Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Jim Stone Nails It About Our Relationship to the Universe

When I first came across Jim Stone's website at www.jimstonefreelance.com, I found his straight talking no-frills reporting style to be a novelty among the alternative truther community.

A former National Security Agency officer, he's clearly been a serious infectious thorn in the flesh of the establishment with the huge amount of protective measures and IT knowledge needed to avoid being tracked down and killed by the Powers that Should Not Be.

What he says concerning the photographed man-made artifact on Mars is probably the smartest, ground-based reality thing said out there on the internet on where we stand as a species in relation to the Universe. Below is quoted straight from his website at www.jimstonefreelance.com:

"We Are Not That Important"

I cannot believe that after the Fukushima report, the huge importance of a few evil people destroying the future of this planet with tainted vaccines, and a plethora of other evil things being done to this world that the real key to it all is a stone head on Mars.

We have been lied to about everything, had information subverted at a level that is incomprehensible and it is likely to go back tens of thousands of years.



We now have confirmation that our little planet is definitely, positively, beyond all doubt not the only one out there. We have confirmation that worlds do indeed die and the universe gets over it.

My guess is that our world has too big of a plague of evil in the ranks of the power structure to be permitted into the greater existence beyond this world, after all if we have nukes and we will use them, if a few corrupted tribesmen [Zionists] will virus attack a nuclear facility in Japan [Fukushima] and destroy it at great consequence to our own world, greater civilizations would be idiotic to allow the threat of tribe mentality visit their worlds with disaster.

After all, as pathetic as it may be to them, a nuke is still a nuke. The nuke is probably the bench mark for quarantine. 

If a civilization has that type of ability for destruction it probably needs to know how to behave or it will be sensibly crushed like a scorpion before it can sting another world.

No wonder why our educational system has been destroyed.

This stone head on Mars says many other things, like how pathetic the Torah [Talmud?] is.

Consider this: We now have proof other worlds are inhabited, yet the Torah only gives a rather pathetic account of a tiny tribe on one world that wandered around on one continent predominantly in one little desert.

How big is that? How pathetic do we really look when that one tribe takes such an account and uses it to enslave the rest of the planet, feeling perfectly justified in doing so? How pathetic and threatening does it look to outsiders when that same tribe would apply the same logic off planet if given a chance?

We are screwed.

After seeing the behavior of the power structure put in place by that tribe on this earth, where that tribe infiltrates everything and corrupts it, lies about everything, flies airplanes into buildings, nukes Syria, runs fake Al Quaida and [Daesh] psy ops, and has the Samson option with nukes planted everywhere - a fact made reality by their ability to be sneaky and lie, will we be let off-planet when we are intelligent enough to harness the power of the atom yet are so easily manipulated and fooled?

Will we be let off planet when we can be tricked into doing horrendous evil all the while we think we are doing good?

How stupid would a greater civilization be to not infiltrate us themselves and body slam us into oblivion before we could get off this world and nuke them?


And don't even think about falling for the shillage saying it's just pixels or erosion or some other bullshit, we have proof of how screwed we are right here in front of us and nothing is going to change that even if 99 percent of the people out there cannot turn their brains on enough to see it is not fake or a stupid anomaly.

I do not think Mars died naturally. I think the tribe has a history that has been hidden from even them, and Mars got wiped out because they could not 'behave' themselves.

Earth just happened to be close by to pick up the slack."