Thursday, 18 December 2014

Sydney Siege - Priming the Pump For Problem-Reaction-Solution

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Why this apparent 'IS' attack now?

Consider looking up this interview with Paul Sandhu and V the Guerrilla Economist at the 53rd minute:

'V' tells Paul Sandhu that based on one of his multitude of high level insider contacts who was at the recent Abu Dhabi F1 racing event (where the big movers of the world meet) that a false flag is being planned from January to February in the Middle East involving 'IS' that will be devastating enough that the World's mainstream masses will blindly demand justice.

'See we should have acted then when the Sydney Siege took place, now look what's happened,' will be the mantra of the times, or close enough. The US Army will be suckered into this. The outcome will not be good.

Any US army veterans/currently serving the armed forces reading this, please watch the above video and consider spreading this information to your friends and contacts. Your fellow troopers have been used as pawns in a big nasty game that is done by players that do not care for your fate for as far back as WW2 and 1950's Korea war, and especially obvious in Vietnam War's Gulf of Tonkin non-incident.

Consider this fact that troops are being moved back into Iraq and Afghanistan despite supposedly 'withdrawing'. (If you don't believe it , look it up on Infowars, Russia Today and other alternative news sources or just search Youtube).

The Sydney Siege is the mere priming of the psychological pump to get us to have this CIA sponsored terrorist group, aka Al-Qaeda 2.0 inside our heads so we will blindly stand up and demand re-invasion of the Middle East.

Same old shit. Its high time soldiers wise up to what's going on, stopped doing the bidding of their masters and winding up dead or maimed, and then abandoned and forgotten.