Friday, 12 December 2014

Korean Airlines 'Princess' Goes Nuts over Nuts

Because being given nuts in a paper bag is worth turning the Airplane back to the Airport Gate.

Hard Truths:

Good job to the Koreans and everyone else for calling out on this and raging over it. Singapore had its own brush with this brand of bullshit with Anton 'Porsche' Casey putting down the people who use public transport as well as some shitfaced cockmongler scholar from China saying 'there are more dogs than people in Singapore' when his scholarship was funded using Singaporean taxpayer money.

And there is the Singapore connection with this . She is on the Advisory Board of the Nanyang Business School of Singapore's Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Evidence of this faggotry:

Their mission is "To educate global business leaders, and to advance knowledge in the theory and practice of management globally".

I guess her usual advice has been how to effectively throw a bitch fit over a fucking paper bag.

Supposedly she's already unpopular with South Koreans for this: )

"In 2013, she gave birth to twin boys in Hawaii, entitling them to U.S. citizenship. Korean Air had sent Cho to work in the U.S. two months before her expected delivery date. But within South Korea there was anger that U.S. citizenship meant her sons would be able to avoid South Korea's two years of compulsory military service for able-bodied males."

Its high time that the institutions like NTU realize that position, money and social stature is bullshit.

The poisonous influence of the Religion of Money is creating a situation of class warfare and privileged self-serving personalities like Heather Cho.

The people already get it, as social media surrounding 'Nut Rage' has shown. It is essential that institutions like NTU act quickly to kick her out of the board or continue to go down with the fast sinking reputation of this loser.

I like to see the useful idiots from the Singapore Kindness Movement (who can't find a microphone fast enough to denounce Singaporeans as anti-foreigner and anti-harmony for justifiably raging over the blatant selling out of their country to outsiders under the big lie of Foreign Talent) condemn Cho as she did something exactly opposite to what they stand for and is in the advisory board of a major educational institution in Singapore.

We're all supposed to love and tolerate, even when given an ugly, offensive paper bag of nuts, amirite?

But I ain't holding my breath.

Arriving in Hyundai car to look ordinary and humble. Check.
Looking shocked like she just came out of hiding after an artillery barrage. Check
Wearing black to look like one came straight out of a funeral. Check.
Speaking extremely softly hoping that she can get away with not actually saying an apology. Check.

No worries Ma'am. We know you will get back to your mansion with porcelain floors while the rest of the world moves on to face yet another day to work their arse off for a rigged system that just raised prices of basic stuff like eggs and biscuits to further fleece people during the holiday season.

Happy Holidays.