Sunday, 4 January 2015

"Once You See What Is Going On, There Is No Point In Being Attached To Anything, It Can Be Taken Away From You Tonight"

The latest podcast #181 from Mark Passio has gone back to 3 hours. This was a good one in terms of talking about our species' place as a bastard child of the Annunaki and left at the doorstep of the Universe, and we have to learn to grow out of our adolescence, but we don't seem to want to.

He said how Quantum despite its sci-fi connotations simply means 'amount' in Latin, i.e. quantity. Its like in chemistry when you need to add enough 'amount' to reach a tipping point. Likewise the tipping point for the awakening to knock down the House of Cards is hard numbers of people changing how they think.

He said it will take minimum 50% to be properly awake and enlightened (bare minimum like you and me researching all this huge volume of data and talking about it with other people). Hard numbers shows that even among the truth movement only a small amount are seriously involved in real research.

He said 'if anyone thinks that close to half of the population is at that state now you really have psychological issues... there is seriously something wrong with your perception. I don't know what planet you are on, certainly not on Planet Earth in 2015.'

I can relate to that knowing full well what he means. Even telling 'saner' stuff like stacking up on Silver instead of relying on devaluing fiat paper currency I get the usual 'nutter' responses. I am so used to being alone in this I hardly notice it anymore.

One of the callers made a point that I had realized early on in my life and later on at the point of Awakening four years ago when I had that personal crisis in my life but I couldn't really express the way this guy nailed it.

'Once  you see what is going on, you realize there is there is no point in being attached to anything because it can be taken away from you tonight.' - A caller