Tuesday, 20 January 2015

You Can't Fix Stupid

And I don't care if you have an IQ of 180 with a pHD, if you can't be bothered to look for hard facts on the internet based on lame excuses alluding it to the 'underground' of the internet or the lack of time then you are just as a moron as the rest of them.

Like people texting while driving. You would think driving would require eyes on the road. The accidents, some fatal, have led to government making laws against texting while driving.

So who is to blame? Government or people? Government is just a reflection of the people who like the kids who obsess over their smartphones allow our human condition to be so.

Its a powerful drug to be able to use a smartphone to film something and upload it, the primal urge to record down our activities (hence writing and scrawling on tree bark) gone berserk.

Its an addictive urge and the thrill of waiting for incoming messages and then responding as fast as possible to it when it comes with neon blue lights on the screen and backlight of the buttons to look cool and high tech.

Until another fad comes along to replace this one to keep the consumer machine going. As much as it is unpalatable to think about, the predicted economic collapse is needed, a kick in the rear end is needed for these 'smartass phones for dumbass muthaf**ker' users.

The lights have to go out to fix this social cancer.

Because you can't fix stupid.