Friday, 23 January 2015

Singapore Fare Hike: The Frog/Crab In The Boiling Pot

Or 'salami tactics' or 'totalitarian tiptoe'.

To the rest of Singapore who seems to take this passively, don't seem to care, or actively serve to continue the violence of government as a civil servant in all branches of government, what are you doing?

What will these people respond when their grandkids ask them,

'where were you when this was happening?'

'oh, I was helping to bring this Orwellian nightmare into existence.'

As you have seen, where it is now, is not where its ending.

When is the population going to have a massive awakening where everyone stops whatever they do, i.e. stop paying taxes? When its $10 a bus trip? When people have to sell backside every day for a bus trip?

Realize that we are like frogs in a boiling pot, the heat is gradually taken up, and before we realize it we are being cooked.

So what is it going to take? Are you even that sure that voting will work? What are the chances they won't do something else to rig the vote? And then what is going to happen, go back and wallow in your own misery?

Its time to wake up. Arse off the sofa.