Thursday, 1 September 2016

Emotion Is A Weakness In The Matrix

The previous article referring to '21st Century November Criminals' was deleted as the previous article on leaving the Full Circle Project gave sufficient explanation on the failure of certain elements to stand in integrity. Rants are great but don't always work, as with this case.

As for the Zen Gardner thing 'Zen-Gate'the problem is the blind jumping on the hate-fest without asking basic questions like 'where's the victims speaking up'. This is not a murder case as far as we know. As long as there are no victims, the case against Zen Gardner is not watertight.

Looks like Max Igan has a lot more on his plate now that the scammer Ken O Keefe has been exposed.

As of now the Zika virus psyop has reached Singapore through some construction site, (the construction boom going on in this country is another part of government policies to hide some serious signs of economic stagnation). It remains to be seen how the real information behind this Zika virus and its connection to the agenda to push vaccines on the population can come out in the future as the Internets becomes like the mean streets of gutted Detroit.

The has-been truth movement is being played. The moralfags and white-knights run around like they know 'everything'. They belong in that bankrupt city. The wellsprings of intelligence has run dry.

You want the truth, you must have a functioning brain. But in real life and online people decide to apply their 2 cents with emotions. Its like everyone must have an opinion in a hasty attempt to put out the silence.

And of course the direction of the human race. What was that pyramid of Fail about my 'soul being born here to assist the awakening'. Fuck off. There is no awakening here. Brought to you by the same people who claim to 'remote view' Mars, the never-coming mass arrests (being claimed since 2010), and claim the presence of the Galactic Federation of the Light. 

I am convinced we were an evolutionary mistake as a result of genetic modifying. Maybe the idea of the soul itself is another psy-op so we will forget the fact that we are a cosmic partial-birth abortion and we really suck because we are emotional and as a species we are too easily manipulated.