Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Ken O Keefe World Citizen Scam and the End of the Alt Media Community

Lots of drama with Ken being handed the rope to hang himself in his recent pathetic appearance on the Richie Allen Show that hardly inspired confidence. People wondering why a once highly respected figure in the alt community now buying himself an address on an island in the Caribbean where one can choose to be declared legally dead and acquire a new name and does not have legal extradition treaties. The perfect place to go when starting a fraud.

We have seen it all before, and nothing has really changed. People are easily manipulated. What really marvels the observer is the same behavior patterns that one sees online and in real life.

The social engineers and operatives working with the likes of the Tavistock Institute, the Club of Rome, the major intelligence services, etc only have to modify how its going to be turned on the masses to get them to move as a herd.

Its over for the alt media community. The rot had already started noticeably as far back as the failure of the TPV.

Then it became more obvious when thousands in the community got involved in the dead-end debate on the shape of the planet.

The alt media community made the mistake of believing that just throwing out obfuscated and hidden truths would be enough, not realizing the matrix has ways and means of using what makes us human as a weapon against us through its intelligence services. Our emotions are our weakness.

Its a piece of cake when they already know how to do it with ads getting us to buy their commercial shite.

The alt media community made that mistake and is paying the price for it. 

Its been said before that the alt media was on its last legs and as good as dead. 
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It doesn't matter where one draws the mark on the timeline and says that this was the point where it started, as we have reached the terminal point.

All one has to do is to sit back and watch the process as the alt media implodes on itself. Give up on there ever being a mass awakening. The trust is dead, the momentum is dead, and the rest of the mainstream couldn't care less.

If there is a lesson to be learned from this is we haven't learned our lesson well enough about not dependent on leaders.