Thursday, 1 September 2016

Rare Element - Rhenium (Re)

Estimated Average Concentration - 1 part per billion (rarest element in Earth's crust)
Melting Point - 3186 deg C (third highest of any element)
Boiling Point  - 5630 deg C (highest of any element)

By-product of extraction and refinement of Molybdenum element and Copper element

Pricing - US $85.53 / troy ounce (31.1g) as of April 2015

Use - 

Critical strategic military importance, used in military jet engines and rocket engines, 3% in 2nd Generation alloys, 6% in single crystal 3rd Generation alloys. 

[In 4th and 5th generation Super-alloys, Ruthenium is used owing to issues with Rhenium in 2nd and 3rd generation Super-alloys, but its melting point is 2334 deg C.]

Source of Mining
- Chile as largest reserves, mixed in with Copper, followed by United States, Peru and Poland
- Russia's Kuril Islands, on a volcano vent as a mineral 'Rhenium di-sulfide'


When space travel becomes more common, an alternative method such as artificial manufacturing or a element with the required elements will be needed as well as the use of fully reusable space craft.