Friday, 9 September 2016

Fireside Chat with Megan Beets, September 1, 2016 - Manned Space Exploration, etc

Megan Beets of LaRouchePAC's The Science Team on the Lunar Far Side and the US Manned Space Program that should have been.

A caller at 1:05:30 called 'Karen' from Austin, Texas calls in about restarting the United States space program, and mentions China's space progress while running an authoritarian repressive system on the population.

The reply given by Megan Beets at 1:08:10 is to 'cancel Wall Street and firing Obama', which is not actionable as a solution. This is why 'Karen' laughs in response. Disappointing but just another statement of reality of how far the western-oriented system has sunk.

'Wall Street' isn't limited to Wall Street and Obama is a Cabal owned puppet. Hidden groups are in charge of the state apparatus to arrest and kill anyone who tries to change the system. Lyndon LaRouche found this out the hard way and was jailed in the 1990s by the neo-Nazis running the US government.

Congress which voted to cancel further funding for the Apollo program in 1969 will not be trusted to reinstate Glass Steagall, or listen to another 'Occupy' movement, or listen to requests to remove one puppet of the shadow government with another puppet because none of the public faces of government are in charge.

Those who believe in a political solution are under mind control.

The exposure of the fake awakening movement and the further exposure of the level of infiltration by Counter-Intelligence-Program-trained agents like Ken O' Keefe in the alt-media in August-September 2016 has taken out the momentum and will by the has-been alt community to carry out further projects at disengaging the matrix of control.

This is the problem of LaRouche PAC.This organization has brilliant people with a decent group dedicated to science and philosophy, yet they don't seem to acknowledge the control grip of the shadow government.  

A majority of the population has been lobotomized beyond the point of caring other than what shows up in their phones and Ipads or what they want to buy or eat, so a solution at the early stages will have to be independent of mass support and only when it produces solid results will then there will be some chance of gaining further traction that can then be relied on for future stages in action. See also how crowdfunding done correctly works.

So far having listened to about 80% of LaRouchePAC's uploaded videos. Great
ideas with their recorded policy committee discussions and weekly webcasts but spinning their wheels talking the same things and numerous team members repeatedly mentioning progressive thinkers like Krafft Ehricke and Liebnitz versus the likes of Bertrand Russell and other regressive thinkers. Rarely has their discussions progressed beyond that scope

The PAC is going nowhere because its very status as a 'political action committee' means it is stuck in the political sphere of solutions-to-nowhere.

Again, those who believe in a political solution are still under mind control.

A group going on a fixed set of beliefs and objectives in a bunker mentality will surely conflict with individual goals and desires. Never lasts in the long term and that is why joining a group is a major step backwards in this day and age.