Sunday, 15 March 2015

Great Stuff But So What: The Suppression of Technology by the Control System

Those who have at least 2 brain cells on active duty and have enough questions in their head to keep looking beyond the mainstream for what's going on have now come to realize there is a multitude of technologies and scientific discoveries as far back as the early part of the last century and even earlier and strange happenings that defy conventional 'science' but can be explained by books like David Wilcock's The Source Field Investigations and the library of books by David Icke, with one groundbreaking chapter on 'The Electric Universe' from 'Remember Who You Are'.

Stuff like Royal Raymond Rife's resonance cure for cancer, Tesla technology, sound frequencies to levitate and move otherwise insanely heavy giant loads, Cold Fusion, Free Energy, Anti-gravity (also probably to do with sound vibrations and behavior of particles in matter), the real history of humanity, the 'Ancient' tech and knowledge that was way more advanced that makes our tech look like clunkers.
Invariably all these things have an ending and its not favorable. It gets suppressed, hidden, raided, destroyed, and their inventors and discoverers wind up dead or threatened into silence.

Then the House Slaves of misinformation are told by the same controllers through the 'official' education system funded and run by one of its insiders, the Rockefellers (who by the way also suppressed Tesla's inventions alongside JP Morgan) such technologies are fantasy and the product of kooks and conspiracy theorists, nutters and tinfoil hats.
They use their letters after their names to put themselves on the pedestal of authority of information for people conditioned to believe the mainstream. They think they got the right information because it came from these official channels.
They would be more entertaining than clowns if not for the fact that all of the wars of the last century and this century and the deaths and misery could have been avoided had these technologies been developed further, instead of relying on the internal combustion engine and its deliberately nerfed efficiency in burning oil.

'Truth' is a matter of perspective. The watered down information from the Cabal controlled, state controlled, 'official' sources is their 'truth'.

'History is written by the victor. History is filled with liars. If he lives, and we die, his truth becomes written - and ours is lost. [He] will be a hero. 'Cause all you need to change the world is one good lie and a river of blood. He is about to complete the greatest trick a liar ever played on history. His truth will be the truth. But only if he lives, and we die.'

As a result of the controller's truth being written over those who had the real Truth but were suppressed or killed, those of us awake and aware of these technologies have to live in a world burdened by the knowledge but unable to reap its rewards because almost everyone else is in a trance.

Until the control system is dismantled with enough people (at least 50% of the world's population) fully awake to disengage from serving the system to kick off the tipping point, keep fantasizing, because it will only remain that, a fantasy.