Sunday, 8 March 2015

Living in this World is Fun

We have New Agers telling we are spiritual beings and we chose to be born here and somehow in the process of being born, forgot about said objective to help change this hell world originally built by the rest of the same amnesic induced spiritual beings/hyoomans, in many cases like mine got beaten and put down by my parents for not scoring 'well enough' in the grading system, so I go out to the world all screwed up and low self esteem and hating myself and avoiding relationships, becoming part of the problem because of said amnesia-induced issues until all the bad karma gets piled up so high the smell of that wakes me up and helps me break through the social conditioning and then remember the fact that I had forgotten the fact that I am indeed a spiritual being, don't you know, who forgot but now I can remember by reading articles and videos on the Series of Tubes known as the Internets which is Serious Business so I am going to become totally enlightened accessing some Ak-whatever Records while supposedly we have a third eye that opens while the Pool's Closed due to AIDS.

Makes total sense.

'Cause its a bittersweet symphony, this life;
Trying to make ends meet, trying to find some money, then you die.'