Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Trigger That Started My Awakening Process

A process that is still ongoing for the system has a massive obfuscation agenda in place, no thanks to the golems who serve it in exchange for a paycheck and other material garbage that is depreciating in shorter and shorter time frames.

My trigger for awakening was when I realized that the story I had been told by the nazis in the house (parents) about 'studying hard and getting a job to be successful' was a lie and a fraud.

All I saw at the workplace was a dog-eat-dog world, an exploitative environment. It wasn't enough that one was smart enough or got the job done at the end of the day, one had to be smart in politics, which I couldn't because it went against my morals. 'Moral education' class had been a big waste of time in school. The only 'moral' was moral relativism, the worship of the Religion of Money over everything else.

A lie so big that they must have had realized they had been duped but chose to keep it from me. For this they have lost my respect for their 'authority' and are just rubble and sewage to be incinerated.

Doesn't matter how high in position one is, the fact they physically took care of me (but spiritually and emotionally abandoned me) or the fact that they brought me into this satanic prison planet, one answers to Natural Law/Karma, and everything has consequences.

When my so-called parents can sell me a lie and obfuscate the truth, I had to wonder what else is out there that I had been lied to. And boy did I find a mountain of garbage under the carpet, starting with 9/11 thanks to Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory on the WTC and Pentagon, the bankster run economy and Climategate and finally the FEMA camps that led me to Alex Jones, then David Icke and everything else. I have lost count how many cans of worms have I opened since.