Tuesday, 31 March 2015

I Checked Out Because of the Awakening, Not the Lack of It

Being awakened is a lonely road for people everywhere, even more so in this city-state. It is hell to have to wake up every morning and remembering as a species we have a long way to go.

The infighting I see everywhere in the truth movement is putting me off. Its clear to those who bother to care that its been taken over. The hyperbole and overuse of the phrase 'World War 3' or 'WWIII' is driving away people in droves. Traffic for major alternative sites are falling like a rock.

People tell me I am negative, because I 'choose' to hate the world, and end up hating myself. Interesting theory, but that's all it is, because its based in ignorance of reality.

The same people telling me this also latch on to the latest workplace gossip such as some imagined romance between two people, not because they are born dumbasses, but choose to become dumbasses by focusing their energies on such spiritually and morally empty matters of zero value in increasing one's intelligence.

I checked out of Life because of the Awakening. Becoming aware of being lied to made me mentally and spiritually free, but not physically free.

Awakening has become a dangerous occupation, as Amos Yee would agree.

Awakening has meant social isolation, made interacting with less awakened or completely asleep people difficult beyond the essential communication required.

Awakening has meant friction with other semi-awake types who have set up camp and decided to be firmly camped in their belief system, a bigger box than others, but still a box of limited thinking.

New Agers who believe that 'love is all you need', 'never get angry' or 'that information is too negative' for starters.

Awakening is a process that cannot be reversed. There is no turning back. Attempting to do so would mean the ultimate in spiritual cowardice. Better to shoot oneself in the head than betray one's soul.

Checking out for me meant becoming numb in thought and awareness of one's surroundings, which has started to seep in lately into my life.

Its not going well for me in terms of impact on my personal health. Spiritual exhaustion might be a half-assed way of putting it, but slowly and steadily its getting easier for me to catch a cold. Maybe its that whatever I am saying is having no effect except at the end of the day preaching to the choir.

Recently got a radio with Shortwave and Medium Wave bands to do nothing but listen to static. Its what this materialistic money-minded man-made world is anyway. An empty illusion devoid of anything meaningful.

Meanwhile I will be waiting for someone with a sound, foolproof plan to demolish the Control System and its infernal lieutenants the Religion of Government Slavery and Religion of Money once and for all. I will reserve the right to choose to join based on its merits.